At More Than Medical Wellness, the team shares the belief that the best way to manage disease is by preventing sickness in the first place. The More Than Medical Wellness team offers holistic, highly individualized disease prevention services to residents in and around Las Vegas, Nevada. Booking your visit is as simple as a phone call or a visit to the online scheduling page, so don’t delay.

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What is preventive medicine?

Preventive medicine is an area of medical practice focused on identifying signs of disease in the earliest possible stages and taking action to prevent disease from developing further. Another big area of focus within preventive medicine is boosting your overall health and wellness to prevent all health issues before they arise. 

Although disease prevention is centered on attempting to avoid illness, the actions taken to meet that goal also have the benefit of enhancing your daily quality of life, even if you’ve never been seriously ill.  

How does disease prevention work?

Annual physical exams are the foundation of great health and the starting point for disease prevention. During these visits, your provider gathers essential information about your vital signs and adds that data into your permanent medical record. Periodic blood work also reveals a great deal about how your body is functioning. 

You’ll also receive the screenings needed to check for signs of disease. Advancements in preventive medicine have led to tools that were simply unimaginable just a few years ago. You can now learn how your genetics might influence your health, check for abnormal changes at the cellular levels, and much more. 

Immunization is a big part of preventive medicine as well. Your provider can review your vaccine record and determine if there are any areas for which you are not up-to-date. You’re always welcome to ask questions and express concerns about immunization and other health topics. 

What can I do to reduce my risk of developing chronic disease?

When it comes to preventing serious disease, you have the power to shape your life. That process begins by altering the way you view food and nutrition. Once you begin to view food as not just fuel, but as medicine for your body, you’ll be on a great path toward disease prevention. 

At More Than Medical Wellness, you also have access to nutrition and wellness guidance, IV nutrition therapy, and support for weight management and stress relief. Best of all, your team gets to know you as a unique individual and can shape your care around your family obligations, work challenges, and personal health goals. 

To explore more about how holistic health may be able to enhance disease prevention, book a visit at More Than Medical Wellness online or by phone today. 

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